Why Self Storage Plus?

Convenient Locations – Self Storage Plus has built and operated 9 locations in South Western Ontario. We understand that having a location which is located near your home or work, directly accessible from the main road, is important. We purchase and build the best new state of the art facilities near you.

Fantastic Customer Service – At Self Storage Plus, we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. We have Storage Solutions Experts on site to assist you with your storage needs. We provide personalized storage orientation, unit selection and property tours. We also provide some additional services:

  • Packing and storage advice
  • Deliveries accepted at no additional charge
  • Use of dollies and hand trucks free of charge

Quality Facilities – Why accept anything less than the best protection for your belongings? Steel construction provides for the utmost in privacy and security protection. Corrugated metal dividers do not trap moisture like drywall, and allows for airflow around your belongings. Our well-ventilated spaces fight high temperatures and moisture build up.

True Climate Control – True Climate Control means that both heating and air conditioning are offered. Temperature fluctuations can cause condensation on stored items, which can damage fine leathers, antiques, and electronics By protecting against the constant rising and falling of temperature, humidity is held at bay. Beware of other facilities offering Climate Control, without providing you with the necessary air conditioning for the summer.

Competitive Prices – Our prices are competitive with other storage facilities in our service areas, while offering you a new, first class product.

Superior Security – Your goods are safe with us! Our citadel design allows for one way in and one way out through a computerized gate. Our facility is 100% enclosed by our buildings or fencing. Individual key code access to the facility keeps track of who enters the facility at any time. Twenty-Four Hour digital video surveillance is present throughout the facility, stored on a high tech multiplex DVR. Limited access hours are provided to clients for your safety.

Referral Rewards – Earn a savings of $40 for every referral who stores with us. NO LIMIT!!