Our focus at Self Storage Plus is to provide as much security as we can to protect your property and we have a number of security features at our facilities designed to encourage thieves to look elsewhere. While we cannot thoroughly guarantee that our facility will not be broken into, we have taken as many measures as we can to prevent it from occurring and to provide for your safety.

24-Hour Video Surveillance

We have a digital video surveillance system that records activity at our facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that if any illegal or suspicious activity occurs on our property, our cameras will capture it and the video will be used as evidence to prosecute that person.

Fenced Perimeter

For your added safety, and the protection of your items in storage, each of our facilities is surrounded with a fence and provides only one entrance. This keeps the amount of people and traffic entering our facility limited, reducing the risk of theft or other criminal activity.

Computer Controlled Gate Access

To make our facilities less of a target for criminal behavior, we have added a computer controlled gate access. This means that only authorized persons are able to enter the storage facility, keeping everyone else out.

NOTE - for your safety, do not let someone in if they tell you they cannot remember their access. This could put you and your property in danger.

Computer Controlled Building Keypads

Each person is given a completely unique keypad code to enter when they come into our facility, making it easier for us to keep a record of who is entering and leaving. We also encourage our customers not to share this code with anyone in an effort to limit who has access to our property.

Steel Construction

Our storage buildings are constructed with all steel materials. Not only does this make it harder for someone to break into them, but it also prevents moisture from forming inside the units. Our customers experience full privacy and protection for their property.

Bright Lights

Whether you are dropping items off to your storage unit at night or early in the morning, our facilities are well lit to keep you safe. Sometimes people need to find something they put into storage and our interior light allows to do so without worrying that you are going to hit your head on something or stumble and fall.

Bright lights also act as a deterrent to people who have less than honest intentions as the last thing they want, is to be seen.

Call us today to learn more about how we work to keep you and your property safe.